We work with different companies and individuals to help them meet their goals. Our ideal partnership is with:

Some of our companies:

Desiant, LLC

Desiant, LLC is a web design company started in Columbus, OH and grew to multiple offices in different states. After implementing our core philosophies Desiant, LLC became location independent and was able to streamline its operation and boost profitability.

Our goal with Desiant wasn't to increase revenue but to cut costs and extra services that were demanding 16 hour workdays from the owner, 7 days a week. Even though the revenues were growing significantly each year spending was out of control and profit was dropping. With our guidance, profitability was increased by focusing on core services and loyal customers while cutting costs.

IntelliStitch, LLC.

IntelliStitch, LLC. is a product line we started managing in 2010. Our responsibilities include sales, production and fulfillment. IntelliStitch, LLC. was becoming very time consuming for the owner of the company. We stepped in to take over the management of the business. In 7 months we documented the business, streamlined operations and production. By implementing our core philosophies were able to improve production and delivery of products to customers.

We are still working on further improving production so the owner can focus on product improvements and upgrades.

EdgeRider Wheels

EdgeRider Wheels started as a great product that was sold as a loss-leader for another product line. We took over the entire business. Within a year we incorporated the company, developed a website, a new support system and increased marketing in the industry. After taking over all the accounting, we adjusted pricing and launched several new products.

After implementing our core philosophies EdgeRider Wheels became location independent with an improved supply chain and distribution network.

Puckerfish, LLC

We partnered with Puckerfish, LLC to help launch its flagship store in Ontario, OH. One of the main differentiators for Puckerfish Vape Shop is its custom flavor mixing and ordering system. We helped develop the software and set up the hardware in order for customers to order custom flavors through a kiosk system and have the flavors mixed in the lab with tight controls within a few minutes. We are currently opening our 7th location.

Puckerfish, LLC just opened the 9th location and has over 30 employees while the owners are able to manage the business remotely.

KDevelopers, LLC

KDevelopers started in real estate at the bottom of the real estate market around 2010 in Lakewood, Colorado. Desiant, LLC, one of our portfolio of companies, developed a landlord management system for multiple rental properties that KDevelopers acquired. All the units in Lakewood were sold at a profit and investment dollars were moved to Fremont County, Colorado where multiple commercial and multi-family properties were purchased. We helped create niche themes and uses for each property to help maximize profits and realize the properties highest and best use in each case. KDevelopers has become a company that is now a holding company for multiple projects creating a real estate ecosystem. Canon City Architectural Salvage reclaims buildings across the US and Salvage Antiques Vintage Etc. is the retail front end where those items are sold. These businesses also feed into all the other real estate development projects like The Rule House, The Rosedale Vintage Mobile Home Park, and The Industrial with raw materials and furnishings. A podcast was also launched to help share the development process and help navigate the political and legal intricacies of unique real estate developments. Multiple other projects and products also came into focus that not only match with the Core Philosophies of KasaWorks but also integrate into the KDevelopers ecosystem seamlessly and can utilize resources already available through our companies. Symplastic, is one of these businesses that turns waste plastic into usable products in our projects and beyond.

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Salvage, Antiques, Vintage, Etc.

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