What We Do

We work with companies in many different ways. You, the business owner, decides how we work together. Just let us know what you want to accomplish and we can come up with the best option possible for your situation.


Straight consulting is just that, we offer our expertise and advice for a set fee. It is up to the business owner to accept and implement the changes. We help define goals and outline steps to reach those goals as quickly as possible. We help with deadlines and require accountability for each track.


We can partner with inventors, designers and business owners to help an idea get off the ground in exchange for a percentage of future profits and a share of the business. We can take over management of any number of aspects of the business to let you focus on the part of the business that is your core competency.


Are you ready to sell your business? Do you want recurring payments? We can take over your entire company and provide you with your share of the profits on a set payment schedule.

If you are an inventor and need help getting that product off the ground, we can help.
Fill out our Inventors Form so we can get started!