Core Philosophies

Work Less, Make More.

Most business owners think that working more or working harder is always the solution. It is not. Working smarter is how you want to move forward. We have several methods, that are different for each industry, for accomplishing this goal. Working ON the business is just as important as working IN the business. Even though that screaming client might seem like the most important thing, it is NOT. The reason they are screaming and what you can do to prevent them from screaming in the future is way more important.

Location Independence

Whoever said you need to sit in an office all day was wrong. With all the technology available today and the micro fragmentation/specialization in each industry we can help you find ways to make your business location independent. So if you want to go skiing in Austria or just spend some extra time with your kids we can help you. Even if your company cannot run 100% location independent, we can help you get 90% of the way there. Would you rather work very hard for 1 month or work constantly for 12 months and make the same amount?

Going Green

We strive to make every company and product as green as possible. We want to be "green" for the environment and the business owner. Green DOES NOT mean spending more money as most "green" companies want you to believe. Green, when done right, saves the business owner a lot of money, and time. Going Green is also used in marketing the business in an increasingly environmentally conscious society.

Go Local, In-Source

Outsourcing to India, China and Europe can be a pain for small businesses. A lot of people will praise the work ethic of overseas companies and their low prices but as soon as there is a problem they have no recourse. We believe in working with local companies and building relationships with them. Local suppliers have been able to save our business owners significant amounts of money by nothing more than asking them for their expertise. Also, nothing beats being able to see someone face-to-face when you need to get something done immediately.

Failure Is Not an Option

A lot of startup companies use money from other people and don't care if they fail or not. We care, and failure is NOT an option. In most cases we are vested in the success of the companies we manage or consult.